The first Indigenous designer to work with Duluth Pack

Sarah Howes

Posted on February 03 2020

The First Indigenous Designer to work with Duluth Pack:

Big news in the world of Ojibwe design and legacy goods today!  Heart Berry has partnered up with Duluth Pack to create a line of Heart Berry packs, overnighters, and purses.  

Why Duluth Pack?  Quality, Duluth made, Lifetime guarantee on a brand that has been around since 1882 with it's first Indigenous designer.  Our new bags are designed, embroidered, constructed, and sol right here in Northern MN.  

Why Indigenous?  For too long our designs have been appropriated by non Native companies.  We can and are creating our own Excellent design work.  We are the alternative to appropriation. 

Thank you for supporting Inspired Natives, not "Native Inspired".


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