Protector Earring

$ 38.00


Pre-dating beadwork, quills from porcupine are the oldest way of beautifying our lives. We pay our respects to this important animal and this original style with our new wood earring.

About this design: "During this time of isolation in COVID, we spend a lot of time in the woods with our kids. One day we watched a porcupine move with their steady, slow, measured intention. They are clearly gentle but are NOT to be messed with.  This resonated inside my heart during this very isolating and scary time.  Steady. Ready. Focused." Artist Howes says. The lessons of the porcupine, a tale for 2020.  

Made with care in the Eighth Generation Studio in Seattle. They are cut from real cherry wood and high resolution printed with multiple layers of protective coating.

  • 1.5" x  0.5"
  • Sterling Silver Jump Rings and Hooks
  • Double-Sided Design

 Thank you for supporting Inspired Natives, not "Native-inspired."


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