Fierce Heart Earring

$ 38.00


The strawberry is called Ode'imin or "Heart Berry". The design was inspired by the inside of a strawberry, only revealed when the berry is sliced in half. The idea that having a fierce heart beating on the inside is a more significant key to happiness than even the most beautiful exterior. The Ode'imin is Sarah's signature motif, and it appears frequently in her handmade regalia and moccasins. Start your collection by adding our Good Seed Earrings

This 2-sided, lightweight mixed media earring is made with painted maple wood over a bright acrylic backdrop. The jump ring and hook have a gunmetal finish.

This product is hand-painted, machine cut, and assembled in the Eighth Generation studio.


  • maple, acrylic, and gunmetal
  • 1.75" x 1.75"
  • 24 mm x 24 mm

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