Birch Canvas Tote
Birch Canvas Tote

Birch Canvas Tote

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The Ojibwe people have a beautiful birchbark tradition. As birchbark artists scrape away the top layer of bark, a rich underlayer is exposed, adding new depth and texture to the design. We bring this traditional artform forward for the modern traveler in her Birch Canvas Tote.  

Drawing inspiration from nature and community, We often use designs that reflect the foods, medicines, and our traditions. In a playful twist, the Birch Canvas Tote uses traditional carving designs and a birchbark pattern to create a modern container that speaks to traditional ways. Sturdy and deep, this line of canvas totes is perfect to carry everything you need for a day of adventures, or a fun overnight trip. Throw your Renewal Notebook in the bag and go!

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  • Made and printed in Seattle
  • Main compartment opens up 5" wide
  • 19"W x 13"H x 7"5