Protect ICWA Tshirt
Protect ICWA Tshirt
Protect ICWA Tshirt
Protect ICWA Tshirt

Protect ICWA Tshirt

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Share your voice with our Protect ICWA T!  We are thrilled to bring our community initiative to Summer.  June 30 marks the Supreme Court Case deciding the future of ICWA and Protections for Native Families.

On Friday March 3 we donated $7,580.98 to the ICWA Law Center and are so proud of this initiative.  Thank you to everyone who got in on our hoodies!! 

We are donating $5 from EVERY Tshirt to the ICWA Law Center.


Why does ICWA Matter? The US has a long history of attempting to eradicate Indigenous people which culminated in efforts to deprive Native communities of our greatest resource -our children. (For more info,

Current data reflects that Indigenous children are still 3-4x more likely to be removed from their homes - ICWA mandates protections for Indigenous children and families (for more info,

ICWA is a federal law passed over 40 years ago that recognizes the sovereign status of tribes as political nations vs a race. ICWA is currently being reviewed by the Supreme Court to determine Congress’ power to regulate Native American affairs - a decision is expected by the end of June 2023. To find ICWA unconstitutional has far reaching consequences; to argue that ICWA is a race based law would result in other treaty rights being stripped from Indigenous communities.

What are we doing?  We are educating our communities and allies.  We are talking with our legislators about state protections for Native children and sovereignty. We are donating to organization doing this work.

Don't need a tshirt?  Consider donating directly to the ICWA Law Center, signing the Petition, and talking to your legislator about state protections.  

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