Wild Plums Light Wool Scarf
Wild Plums Light Wool Scarf

Wild Plums Light Wool Scarf

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We have combined traditional Ojibwe beadwork design and color on this modern delicate floral wool scarf. 

The wild plum design is considered an “Old Style” floral in Ojibwe art. With simplified shapes and repeated patterns, wild plum designs were ideal for beading. Because even with only a few bead colors, an artist could make a work of true beauty. The design on this scarf—adapted from patterns and techniques over a hundred years old—brings the wild plum design into the twenty-first century.  

“What I love about Ojibwe designs is the way our plants are turned into line work. When we look closely we see the foods and medicines of our community,” says Sarah, artist, and CEO of Heart Berry

  • Lightweight Wool
  • 64' x 22'
  • One-sided print
  • Dry clean only
  • Imported

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