A love letter from Aunties

Boozhoo from Auntie's Table! It has meant the world to be able to share space with this beautiful room of accomplished and aspiring makers over the last 10 weeks. As a young person I longed for connection, teachers, mentorship, and the loving generosity of Aunties.  Many powerful and giving folks showed up.  

moccasins by Wendy Savage

Notably the late Winnie LaPrairie was the first person to teach me moccasin making.  Wendy and Karen Savage have spent years sharing what they know with so many in our communities.  They give freely of their time, love, and energy.  Working on the Nookomis Obagijigan book with the apprenticeship of Michelle Defoe we learned from many amazing makers like Biskakone and Christina Woods.  We are rich as Anishinaabeg but sometimes it takes a little digging to find.  A little dusting off to see how bright and shiny.  I remain grateful every day for all the Aunties and Uncles who kept our ways alive and safe for us to dust them off.

This January-March we opened our Auntie's Table to the community of aspiring Native makers and have been so grateful for your humor, generosity, and curiosity. We hope to host this again next year during the "slow time" of winter.  The spring kicks our kid life into full swing along with ceremonies and so many other wonderful obligations. We-I- hope that you keep learning, keep making, and that this space inspired you to see we can create whatever we see needs to exist.  We can MAKE space for each other.

If you would like to leave us an evaluation! We would love to hear from you. 

Finally Miigwech to our Guest Teachers, the amazing Alexandera Houchin, Janelle Barney, and Adrienne Benjamin for sharing your skills with us. Miigwech to the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council and the First People's Fund for their support.

Miigwech for making space with Heart Berry. You are the maple syrup to our pancakes.

-Giizh and the Heart Berry Team

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