Why do you make floral designs?

We make floral designs to honor our history.

Before having beads, Anishinaabeg always adorned our lives using quills, dyes, copper, and stone. With the trade of bead, the floral took off. If we look around us what we see if floral. We see leaves, flowers, berries, and medicines. Our elders teach us that during the time when our medicines were outlawed these designs were used as a way to keep these teachings alive.


Can non-Native people buy your work?

Yes! All the work we design and produce is for everyone. There has long been a market for native art and is exploited by non-Native companies. This is a great opportunity to support a Native business creating Native art.  


How can I get a custom design made?

For custom art, logos, projects email info@heartberry.com


How can I learn to bead or make moccasins?

It is our focus to create a community of makers. Please see my blog for links to my moccasin and beading tutorials (see below). These will walk you through the steps of picking supplies, design, pattern, beading, and sewing Ojibwe pucker toe moccasins. These tutorials can be found on YouTube in four steps. 

You can also utilize our Nookomis Obagijigan (Grandmother's Gift) pattern book available in our online store. 

We know you can learn how! We create tools, teach classes, and create space for makers. Additionally you can book a class, email info@heartberry.com for inquiring about classes and prices. 
















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