A Savage kind of love

Ah! thought that would catch your eye.  Clicked on it?  

One time I saw a woman walk towards me and on her feet were the most incredible pair of split toe moccasin I have ever seen.  Was she from Canada?? Of course! These beauties were flat, form fitting, simple, and really the holy grail of split toe moccasins.  I knew when I saw hers I needed to work on my technique. 

And they have evaded me.  I have been patterning, and sewing, and interviewing, and sewing, and through a series of incredibly informing interviews I have compiled some great intel and techniques.  Yet still, they didn't look like hers.

Karen Savage was one of my first moccasin teachers.  I have modeled much of my teaching style from her. As an extremely accomplished artist, she is busy painting and teaching but she made time for me to come see her. 

And what do you suppose Karen had in a bin under her desk??  The HOLY GRAIL!  And in a way that is a true Savage kind of love, she gave me an exacto and told me to cut it apart.  These kinds of gestures are what I mean when I talk about "Nookomis Obagijigan, our Grandmother's Gift"  this kind of love.  She helped me cut apart, make a pattern from, gave me tips on sewing, and even gave me leather to try.  This is a Savage kind of love.  The Savage family of incredible teachers has given me so many incredible teachings. 


I followed her advice, used her pattern, combined it with the intel I had learned from the other interviews and Boom!  Vision accomplished.  I wish I could find that Canadian kwe and show her these.  Thank you Karen. Stay tuned.


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