The Anatomy of Native Fashion

The Anatomy of Native Fashion

As Native designers we draw from our traditional stories to create designs that both celebrate our past and create what we wear into the future.  This past Friday Heart Berry and the Extremely talented, hard working Buckanaga Social Club collaborated.  We pulled our styles together on the runway at the 32nd Annual Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce Dinner in Shakopee.   


True to television, fashion shows are Highly organized, extremely rushed, full of beautiful models and steaming wrinkles.  Make up, dramatic wardrobe changes all go on behind stage while the front of the room enjoys a seamless display of style and grace. 


And so much of running a business, being an artist is this way.  It's messy, hard, sweaty, lots of frustration and hauling boxes.  We drive long distances, carting our kids around, because we absolutely LOVE what we do. 

Amber Buckanaga of Buckanaga Social Club "I really like getting to know people who are Interested in what we do, and get to know what they like, and what new opportunities that we can share with each other. This group of people were super cool and really excited about what they saw from us. I was so grateful to spend some time getting to know everyone."

We are the anatomy of Native Fashion and design.  What we end up with through the learning, the trial and error, the sweat, is beauty for all those around us.  We get to tell stories through our work and for that we are so fortunate. Style and grace.

Thank you for an absolutely amazing year and for supporting Inspired Natives, not Native Inspired.

Photo Credit Nedahness Greene

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