Honored to Play On Native Land

Heart Berry teamed up with Jessie Stomski, Pro Basketball Player, and the University of Minnesota to bring together athletes, our communities, and learning together this past week. 

Going Beyond Land Acknowledgements to create space for educating athletes, administrators, and communities is just the beginning. We created a signature warm up for players acknowledging "Honored to Play, On Native Land" for the University of Minnesota's Basketball Game November 20 at the Williams Arena on Dakota Territory

Jessie Stomski created panel learnings with players and coaches around the triumphs and challenges of Native athletes. 

Heart Berry coordinated a group of jingle dress dancers to represent the Dakota and Ojibwe Nations on whose land we all are honored to be. 

This is just the beginning, and we are so excited to be a part of creating more learning and space for growth to happen in our minds, hearts, and play.

It's time to put these Land acknowledgements into action. Let's do this.

Thinking what more could you do to learn, grow, and build stronger communities and relationships with tribal nations?  Ask yourself: Who are our current relationships? What are our values?  How are we going to engage along those values?  What are we willing to INvest in making these relationships happen?  Whose land are we on?  

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