Can non-natives support and rock Heart Berry?

Founder Sarah Agaton Howes answers the FAQ if non natives can represent Heart Berry “YES” as an answer to appropriation. You can check out more from Eighth Generation here:
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This is Sarah, CEO and founder of As an inspired native collaborator we work to create beautiful utilitarian art based in our cultural tradition we get asked a lot as a non-native person can I support and represent Heart Berry and the resounding answer is absolutely yes none of the work we're creating is ceremonial or inappropriate for non-native people to have. With that said for too long non-native companies have been stealing and profiting off of native art working with 8th Generation, we've been able to create and produce our own mole blankets and so your support is in fact the answer it is cultural appreciation over cultural appropriation.
We really appreciate the thoughtfulness behind these questions and you can always email us at and also thank you for supporting inspired, natives not native inspired

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