Collaboration is at the "Heart"

Heart Berry was really born from the collaborative spirit. "The small regalia business I ran from my kitchen table grew into Heart Berry from the vision and collaboration of Eighth Generation." Giizh

Heart Berry has been fortunate to collaborate with amazing artists like Holly Young and Nedahness Greene on some of our proudest art installations. 


We collaborate with non profits such as the Minnesota United Wonderwall to raise large sums of money from our tiny business on the Rez.  Last year we raised and donated over $16,000 with our collaborative hearts and you.


We believe in the power of Creating Space.  We also believe this is our role and responsibility.  Auntie's Table brought together aspiring and accomplished makers from across the region this late "winter" (cuzzz ya know not much winter). 


This spring we are thrilled to launch two new amazing collaborations with  brilliant Dakota artists Holly Young and Cole Redhorse Taylor.


The Sherburne Refuge is groundbreaking their new ampitheater May 18 Holly Young and Heart Berry collaborated on as an Ojibwe/Dakota design to celebrate the animals and plants of this magical place.  This sandblasting project is led by the Friends of the Refuge will serve as an educational space for visitors. "I really wanted to make something beautiful but fun and interactive. I imagine kids jumping and playing.  The center pods are traditional asemaa (tobacco) plants aiming in the four cardinal directions.  We shared our words for the animals and the beautiful Dakota florals from Holly ring around the whole space. It's going to be incredible!" Giizh



We jumped at the idea of working with a Dakota artist to celebrate Native graduates in Hastings and Cole. "I was so excited I sent him a message During the zoom call with the district!" Giizh


Bringing people together around our shared celebrations is such a beautiful way to change the narrative around education, learning, and our futures.  "We have such a complicated relationship to education because of the boarding school era. These young people are pushing through so much to realize their dreams.  And we also need to re-celebrate that learning and mentorship has Always been a Anishinaabe value." Giizh

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