Gathering Abundance

We know how life is as a busy entrepreneur.  We are often so busy solving problems, creating new pathways, and running our day to day we don't get to pause and reflect often.  In our effort to build community and role model collaboration over competition we are gathering other Native entrepreneurs together to share together.  

What if we created a space FOR US? A space to share things we are learning, a place to talk about how our values drive our business?  At Heart Berry we are in a constant state of learning and growth. No two days are the same and we have to be endlessly flexible as small businesses.  We can learn from each other!


We think we could gather together around shared food and shared values to find points of connection and collaboration as well as learn from each other.  We are gathering abundance.



Bring a dish to share

Tuesday May 18 630-8pm

1111 Cloquet Avenue, Heart Berry HQ for more information

Please rsvp to google form

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