We are Gathering Abundance.

Once upon a time this group of Native entrepreneurs gathered with tales of inspiration, long hours, big dreams, wild successes, many frustrations, and shared with each other. At Heart Berry we are all about creating spaces. Gathering Abundance was a beautiful evening of our local, small, Native owned businesses talking about our values and purpose as entrepreneurs. We smudged, we ate, great coffee was had. 

Elder and curator Wendy Savage shared about her lifetime as an arts entrepreneur and the many barriers she has overcome.  A long time mentor to me (Giizh) at Heart Berry, Wendy has shown many artists and entrepreneurs how to live their big dreams and opened many doors for a generation. 

Artist and entrepreneur Michelle Defoe of Star Woman Designs shared about how finding joy in her art brought success. She shared being mentored by me which was so cool to hear with Wendy there. We had three generations of that abundant giving in the room.

Our good friend Jackson Ripley launches Miigweches Brew drive thru coffee this June! Everyone on the Rez is waiting and secretly hoping he carries Aleyna's Baked to Bliss by Laney scones! Both incredible community members and show their heart through how they feed and caffeinate us!

Aspiring entrepreneur Jordan Gawboy came to listen to the OGs and talked about his dreams to move from regalia to fashion. We know there has been a good path laid for him to see and make his own.

Self labeled "the impostor" as a supporter of business and art, Jamie Adams is always on the forefront of supporting Native entrepreneurs and we were glad to have her ear and see how these folks may work with her in the future.

The incredible duo of Thomas Peacock and Betsy Albert-Peacock of Black Bears and Blueberries Publishing gushed over the wave of Indigenous authors and illustrators they work with lighting up the future.  


We are here to live our values in action. In my decade of this work I have always found my abundance in the heart and space of collaboration. It was so beautiful to share a table with this group of inspired movers and shakers. 


~Note the breakfast club type quality of this photo~

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