House of Howes is now Heart Berry!

Ten years ago House of Howes began as a tiny beadwork and regalia business.  Armed with the Inspired Natives Project we grew into creating the Legacy gifts you know us for.  From our beautiful story wool blankets to Ojibwe floral earrings to our custom art work we have grown beyond our wildest dreams.  

The "Heart Berry" or Ode'imin in our language has been the driving force behind our design and community work. We are so excited to take the next step in our growth into what we have maybe always been, Heart Berry.

Our stories tell us that we are the people of the Heart Way.  And just like our ancestors we grow, change, evolve, and circle back to our home. 

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  • Kathryn Beaulieu

    Wishing you all the best. Love the name change.

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