Moccasin Patterning Video Release!

At Nokomis Obagijigan we are working to build makers.  Many of us did not grow up with a grandma sewing in her kitchen.  Life is complex and we are always on the road to recovering who we are as Anishinaabeg.  Many of us spend our lifetimes searching for our grandmother's gifts.  

We at Nokomis Obagijigan are not experts but we work tirelessly to share the little we know with our communities. Available on YouTube, these videos are meant to compliment your learning from teachers, mentors, the existing Ojibwe Pucker Toe moccasin making videos,and our forthcoming pattern book.  Please share and use widely.  


Part 1  Making the bottom of the Moccasin

Part 2 Making the top of the Moccasin

Miigwech the Nokomis Obagijigan apprentice Michelle Defoe, House of Howes Sales Representative Christina Trok, and the Minnesota Historical Society for their support.

Part 3 Blooper reel

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