Moccasin Tutorial 1 of 9, Supplies and Patterns

In our new series "Makizinikewin" we share 9 tutorial videos on Ojibwe Split Toe Moccasin making. 

Step 1 of 9 here is an introduction, explanation of the different styles, supplies, and cutting out the pattern. We are using our Nookomis Obagijigan pattern book in this tutorial.  Happy Making!!


  • John Cawthorne


    I received my book, thank you, and have two questions after reviewing the pictures and instructions as well as your You Tube videos on the subject.

    For the round toe patterns do the points on the sides of the top piece match up to the beginning of the projection on the sole or the tip of the projection on the sole? I assome the cuff goes from point to point on the sole. Other moccasins I have made do not have the points on the side of the sole so I want to be sure I am doing it right.

    For the split toe pattern a top peice is shown that looks like an egg with no side projections whereas the pictures and videos seem to show a top piece more like the round toe ones with side projections. If I use the egg shaped ones do I just sew up to the widest part of the top peice? Can the top patterns from the round toe also be used? They are wider.

    Thank you for your time and I do appreciate your efforts to distribute this information to a wider audience.

    John Cawthorne

  • Joshua

    Great book of patterns! Thank you kindly for sharing

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