Native American Community Clinic Covid Vaccine Poster!

Heart Berry Artist Howes was asked, along with Dakota artist Marlena Myles, to create an image depicting how we protect the future.  The posters, and promotional materials created by the Native American Community Clinic in Minneapolis will promote the Covid-19 Vaccine for tribal communities.  

marlena myles covid 19 vaccine poster native american community clinic

"To be good relatives to our communities means taking care of ourselves on mental, physical and spiritual levels so that we can honor our elders' teachings and pass those down to the youth. We all are responsible for protecting our future generations by nurturing our youth and cherishing our elders through our own actions. This kind of compassion for others and ourselves is the blooming flower of life in each of us." Marlena Myles

native american community clinic covid 19 vaccine poster

"I have heard it said that our responsibility is to care for the loved ones we will never even meet.  We are taught we are just one in a chain of generations.  In this way we are both precious and vital and yet never the center.

I have many times imagined the choices our grandparents had to make to survive.  They saved so much for us.  We are the beneficiaries of their choices and love.  

This pandemic has taught us so much about ourselves.  We have learned to dig so deep into our resilience.  We lean on our Mishomis for strength and they are guiding us towards the future.  We are now presented with an opportunity for this medicine, this vaccine to create safe spaces for our loved ones.  We are both the grandpa and the little girl and ultimately we are the flowers. 

It is our job to be a good ancestor.

Please care for your families and relatives by getting the vaccine when you are able.  Help us all get towards the beautiful future." 

Sarah Agaton Howes, 2021

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