New Moccasin and cultural learning tutorials!

Heart Berry has created a new Beadwork and Moccasin tutorial from supplies to finished Split toe moccasins!
From Auntie Roxanne Delille:
The COVID-19 pandemic created a public health crisis that impacted many face-to-face community activities including the Preservation of Traditional Arts Workshops (PTAW) at FDLTCC. In response the PTAW program created a series of video tutorials, to begin the development of a Tutorial Library – a traditional arts video repository, which will warehouse traditional arts tutorials to preserve the processes and protocols of traditional art forms. The Tutorial Library will allow artists and culture bearers to continue sharing their craft even in situations where face to face interactions cannot occur. This sessions featured artists:
Thomas Howes, Lacrosse Stick Making
Sarah Agaton Howes, Split-toe Moccasin Making
Michelle Defoe, Making Beaded Earrings
Accessing the PTAW Tutorial Library requires that you register.
Once registered you’ll be guided in how to access the online platform
where the supply lists and tutorials can be found.
For registration questions contact, Jodanna: or 218-879-0775
For tutorial information contact Roxanne: or 218-879-0890

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