Passing on the little we know

Strange thing about being an Indigenous person in this middle part of life, we are now (rightfully so) expected to carry forward the gifts we are given.  The work of our generation is largely one of revitalization, recovery, and carrying on.  

Today I held tiny hands and danced.  We shared dance stories, styles, songs, and our laughter with 150 headstart students today.  Its hard at this age to know what they hold onto.  What always stays though is the way the heart feels.  Not everyone is a dancer but we all have things that need to be shaken off.  This is the gift of our way of life.  We have the surface and we have all that lays beneath.  And for our generation we feel like we know so little but to these tiny people with their tiny hands we carry their past.

Today we began another round of Moccasin classes in our small community of Sawyer.  And the full circle of who we can be for each other is crashing in on this day.  Even when we feel like we know so little we can impact so so much.  We all have a role to play.  What's yours?

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