Protecting ICWA

Over the past two months, Heart Berry has teamed up with Biidaabin's Amelia Legarde, the ICWA Law Center to bring a Protect ICWA initiative to light.  At Heart Berry we are committed to using our platform to support Movement through art and action.  With your help, we raised $7,580.98 that was donated directly to the ICWA Law Center.  Also there were hundreds of shares of the Infographics, and hopefully a broader understanding of what ICWA is, what it is NOT, and how do we protect it.  We have re-opened a second pre sale through March 22 due to overwhelming emails, messages, and pleading haha.  Please share these infographics widely, sign the petition, and let's protect families, sovereignty, and the future.

what is icwa
what is happening to icwa
what are we doing to protect icwa
what can you do to protect icwa
protect icwa hoodie

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