Seed Savers Installation at Fond du Lac!

Community growers stories captured in new art installation

Fond du Lac’s beautiful Gigitaaning has a new art installation! Thanks to the Planning Division and the leadership of Jason Hollinday, The Seed Savers followed Heart Berry’s interviews with local growers Arianna Northbird, Erika Resendiz, Naawakwe Howes, and more about their journeys learning about growing food, gardening, and seed saving.  Telling the story of intergenerational sharing and the power of seed saving, you can see this in the lobby of the cannery on 927 Cary Road. 

While you’re there, meet the staff and walk around the beautiful gardens.  “Talking with growers, they kept sharing about how important seeds are, and how we live in this Reciprocal relationship with everything and everyone.  It was so wonderful to spend time learning while making these images.”  The figures are directly from photographs of growers and harvesters across a bandolier bag.  


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