Sugarbush Time!

It’s one of our favorite times here in Ojibwelandia, the Sugarbush!  We are combining our new sugarbush collection with one of our best seasonal activities, the maple time.  CEO Howes’ family has their own little sugarbush and loves this time of year.   

The old guys tell us it’s time for Sugarbush when its freezes at night and warms up above freezing during the day.  This is the time for stomping down the trails, digging out the taps and buckets, and chopping wood. 

We tap about 45 trees at our family sugarbush and haul sap every day collected for our weekish boils.  We inherited a beautiful Jim Northrup family cast iron kettle which is Sarah’s pride and joy.  The sap boil is an all day gig, boiling down the 50 to 1 ratio of sap to syrup.  Filled with visiting and sweetness, the sugarbush is so much work but so much goodness. 


Canning time up next, on our cool outdoor stove we prep the jars and do the “final boil” getting the syrup to that sweet thickness.  And we have Liquid Gold.  


Our Sugarbush Crew is perfect for those cool days, for the office, the bush, or wherever you roam.  Embroidered right here in Duluth, we trial tested this pullover with sweat and washing cycles to make sure it would survive the good life.  


The Tap Hat is great for the game, the messy hair, or just a splash of Ojibwe sweet for your day.  Embroidered right in Duluth, we are obsessed with this every day accessory.





Check out Howes’ kids telling the story of the Sap


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