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Most ‘Native' Art Is Fake or Stolen. Indigenous Artists Are Fighting Back

A new generation of Indigenous artists is decolonizing the status quo.

Heart Berry on City of Duluth Facebook Page!

Heart Berry is a gift to have in our community. Hear from Heart Berry founder Sarah Agaton Howes when she started her business, where you can find her art in Duluth, and what is behind her pieces.
Thank you Sarah for sharing your work, talents, words, and laughter with us.



Run Minnesota Recognizes two individuals for their impact on the MN Running Community

Minneapolis, Minn. – Run Minnesota annually recognizes achievements for the Pat Lanin Distinguished Service Award and Run Minnesota Volunteer of the Year. The award winners will be recognized at the Run Minnesota Annual Meeting on April 23, 2022, in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Sarah is an Anishinaabe artist and CEO of an Ojibwe lifestyle Brand Heart Berry, community organizer, and one of the organizing members of the KwePack, an Indigenous women’s running group created to promote healthy lifestyles of its members by running, racing, socializing, and volunteer activities.  Sarah Agaton Howes is relentless in spreading the word about the power of native women running together and has inspired other indigenous running groups around the country. Through KwePack, she has established running in the Duluth/Fond Du Lac area and improved the health of the community.


NEXT LEVEL: Art and business fellowship drives innovation in Indian Country

"Over on the art and fashion end of the Artist in Business Leadership fellowship spectrum, Anishinaabe artist and designer Sarah Agaton Howes will use the money and resources to help her brand Heart Berry reach new heights. "

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Make it Up north Season 4, a WDSE production  

Premiered Jan 28, 2021

"Meet female entrepreneurs navigating the start-up world. Sarah Agaton Howes transformed her one-woman jewelry business into Heart Berry, a bustling e-commerce website. Coached by her mentor, see how she is building a future inspired by her indigenous roots...."


Artists find strength, inspiration in their communities and history

Written By: Tara Houska | 

"Like most of the world, Heart Berry’s plans shifted dramatically in March. Our cultural art classes, powwow pop up plans, and employee opportunities all had to be switched up on the fly! 'Our work revolves around community — our greatest challenge is staying connected, but it is also our greatest asset as we are rooted deeply in our communities.'"

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More than a Marathon: Sarah Agaton Howes Does it All

by Jade Thurston Feb 03, 2021
"Sarah was sewing, beading and determined to sell her art ten years before meeting Eighth Generation Founder and CEO Louie Gong. “I was that girl walking around with the bead work and selling out of my Honda Civic in busy parking lots,” Sarah says.
Originally operating as “House of Howes” – her one-woman custom beadwork and regalia business based in her kitchen – Sarah later rebranded to Heart Berry, shifting the focus away from her and onto the brand’s goals like community care."
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