Good Harvest Gold Label Blanket
Good Harvest Gold Label Blanket
Good Harvest Gold Label Blanket

Good Harvest Gold Label Blanket

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All summer you’ve been planting, playing, running the kids to all the things, and spending every moment you can in the sun: you’ve been living The Good Life, and now it’s time for a Good Harvest. 

About Design:

“The Good Harvest is inspired by our Ojibwe beadwork, weaving, and local plants,” shares Sarah. “This time of year, the heart berries (strawberries) have sent out their runners for next year, important medicines are harvested and preserved, and the squash, traditional tobacco, and our precious wild rice are being prepared for long term storage.”

Add fall color, warmth for the coming winter, and the spirit of the harvest to your living room or bedroom with our beautiful Good Harvest Throw Blanket.

Machine-knit right here in Eighth Generation's Native-owned business’ Seattle studio from 100% Merino wool, our Gold Label Series blankets are double knit (two sided), and have a luxurious, heavy weight: each blanket is made with over five pounds of wool! Our authentic Native-designed wool blankets are designed to be enjoyed by everyone, and we hope will be a treasured part of your home for years to come.

Made with care in the Eighth Generation Studio.

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About Product:

  • Made in Seattle, WA
  • 100% Merino Wool

Miigwech for supporting Inspired Natives, Not Native Inspired.