Maple Sugar Wool Scarf
Maple Sugar Wool Scarf

Maple Sugar Wool Scarf

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Found throughout the woodlands of the eastern United States and Canada, sugar maples are a cornerstone of Ojibwe life and reminder of the spring sweet sap flow. Capture a bit of seasonal sweetness in our new Maple Sugar Wool Scarf.


“Fall is particularly sweet as we gather the foods grown all summer and prepare for the resting time of winter,” shares Sarah. “We center our lives around the seasonal activities of sugarbush tapping, wild rice harvesting, fish spawning, and more elements of our Good Life. The maple leaf on this beautiful wool scarf is a reminder of how important sugar maples are to Anishinaabeg. The acorns scattered across the design honor the industrious squirrels who work tirelessly in the autumn to gather the food that will sustain them during the winter.”

 About Design:

We created this scarf in two colorways—a sugar-sweet orange and pink version and a classic maroon and tan version so you can find the add the flair of each season of wool to your ‘fit your way.

 Product Specifications:

  • Made in the Eighth Generation Seattle studio in Seattle, WA
  • Two-sided design with secure bound edge
  • 75 in x 19 in/ 190.5cm x 48.26 cm
  • 100% pure Merino wool from Italy
  • Two colorways, including orange/pink and maroon/tan 

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Recommended Product Care:

  • Spot clean only; hand wash as needed; hang dry away from direct sunlight
  • Clean liquid stains immediately with warm water and mild detergent
  • Never scrub wool or use harsh chemicals 
  • Steam to de-wrinkle
  • Store away from direct sunlight