Rice Blossoms Embossed Mug
Rice Blossoms Embossed Mug

Rice Blossoms Embossed Mug

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Your favorite mug is here.  Our embossed mug brings together everything we love about Ojibwe floral design to you.  

"Wild rice has a beautiful stage where the rice blossoms and these beautiful flowers hang across the rice lakes.  Wild rice is an indicator of our whole ecosystem, when the wild rice is healthy so are we.  When it blooms, so do we!" Howes

The Rice Blossom mug is Native designed, brought to you alongside our partners at Eighth Generation.  

  • 4 in x 4 in / 16 oz
  • Imported
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Each mug is packaged in a branded black box, perfect for gifting