Woodlands Floral Throw Blanket

$ 72.00


Product Details

The "Woodlands Floral" throw blanket was designed by House of Howes artist and Inspired Natives Project collaborator Sarah Agaton Howes (Anishinaabe), who is known for her beautiful bead work, moccasins and regalia. With this design, she intends to remind us of the beauty and reinvigorating energy of spring time.

Made in USA
Fabric Content: 100% Cotton.
Blanket size: 60" X 50"

About this Design

The vibrant blanket features numerous designed elements indicative of Anishaabe floral design, including the Odemin (strawberry-the signature "heart berry"), Manoomin (wild rice), blueberries, and the vine showing us the connection of all things. 

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