Oprah Winfrey, a life of intention, and other unbelievable things

We Met Oprah!!

If you've been under a rock then maybe you haven't heard, but this past Friday the KwePack, an Indigenous Women's Running Group here in Northern MN was invited to run during Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour.   As part of her tour, Oprah and her team have gleaned stories from across the country of people living a life of intention. 

Kwepack runner and Heart Berry owner Howes "At first I thought it was a hoax, even as late as a few days before I had doubts."  

Twenty Indigenous runners were invited to come and run in downtown Minneapolis.  Waiting on who they believe is WCCO newscaster Frank, the KwePack was surprised by the Auntie O herself.  After many screams and smudging, the Krew walked hand in hand listening to Auntie Roxanne (Bad River) sing a song which translates roughly as "Where she walks, there is beauty."

The KwePack was able to share with Oprah why running and being outside is important to them and how we transform ourselves and our spirits by being outside.  In Oprah's interview with WCCO she says "These women should be on the poster with me."  

Heart Berry was able to gift Auntie O with the Renewal blanket and shared her teachings about blankets and thanked Oprah for the many gifts she has given to so many.

What's miraculous to KwePack runners like Howes is "they saw what we were doing in our community and Chose to come and meet us.  OPRAH WINFREY.  This has been the Ultimate Finisher medal for many miles, many tears, so much sweat, and mud.  As Indigenous People we often feel we don't belong in space, take up too much space, but the way the Oprah event made us feel is that we ARE the space."  

Living a life of intention, every step.  

Watch the WCCO Interview here 

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  • Julie Benjamin

    I seen it on FB…what an awesome event indeed!

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