Home for All

As an Indigenous person the concept of home is one that can fill me with deep gratitude and visceral rage. The rates of homelessness for Native people is 10% though we represent 1.5% of the population.  And these are not just statistics, chances are if I see a Native person on the corner of Lake St, Lake Ave, I will know either them or we will know the same people. This is a reminder how most of us are only a few paychecks and rough times away from that same hard life. Every person deserves the integrity of a home. And as the powerful art installation in Minneapolis by Courtney Cochran states "Noone was homelessness before 1492". As Native people we are connected to the whole and when its hard times for one of us its hard times for us all. 


The Sacred Medicine House is a 120 home facility in Seattle providing a cultural space, support, and safe housing for the incredibly disproportionate number of homeless Native people in Seattle.  When Eighth Generation asked if Heart Berry would like to be a part of beautifying this space with other amazing artists like Louie Gong and John Pepion, I jumped at the chance.

The prompt was "Home". The Sacred Medicine House wanted to utilize our Woodland Floral design from our very popular Woodland Throw blanket and Silk scarf. This felt suitable as the woods is the place where I feel the most at home. It is the home without judgement and where there is enough for us all. 



Our traditional homes or "Wakii'igan" are bent branch structure covered with bark and cedar mats.  I've been able to build these lodges and there is nothing more soothing than being in its comforting embrace. Lovingly called "Endaayang" or "Our Home" this piece reinforces that we all deserve a home and share that with each other.

The beauty and power of the Inspired Natives Project reinforces this collective abundance and collective responsibility value we share as Indigenous people.  The idea of collaboration over competition shines brightly in this beautiful space. These powerful mural wraps create the feeling of home for all.  


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