Is that Heart Berry?

Seeing our art around?  Us too and its absolutely intoxicating.  

PC Nedahness Greene

And right now so much of it seems like no brainers.  Of course, there should be the art of the original people greeting visitors as they enter Duluth.

But it takes the light shone by our mentors, like Louie Gong, to show us what we aren't seeing in the dark of the hustle.  "Louie has made me cry, more times than I would like to admit."  Heart Berry CEO, Howes admits "But everytime I listen, he's dead on.  And I know that he genuinely is invested in me."  Mentors hold us to a high standard because they can see it.

So much has changed in such a short time. Too often we are asked as artists to be a part of projects as an afterthought.  But as we build our skillset we can work with architecture teams to build our designs INTO the buildings.  

Sometimes its small things for Big Places

Johns Hopkins

And Big things for small organizations.

Minnesota American Indian Women's Resource Center

And sometimes, it's the fun things.

Duluth Mayor, Emily Larson sharing about our utility box

Sometimes its the hot things.

Renewal in Vogue, Bethany Yellowtail

Or organizations telling the hot stories.

Minnesota Public Radio, MN Native News Logo

We work hard to continue our story.  We appreciate the unbelievable opportunities we work towards. Stay tuned this year for the release of some more unbelievable stories.


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