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St Cloud State University Art Installation

The narrative about Dakota and Ojibwe relations has always been told as singlularly one of conflict.  When St Cloud State proposed an art installation in their new American Indian Center, Heart Berry's artist Howes knew right away what she hoped for. "This area is so important as this place between our nations as Dakota and Ojibwe people. I really wanted to work with a Dakota artist on this project. Holly Young and I both loved the idea of sharing the story of the gift of the big drum from the Dakota.  The Big drum to me is such an Incredible gift of grace."  This pencil to digital collaboration pulls together the old stories with a modern installatin by Turtle Mountain sign...

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The Good Seed-Wild Rice, and other ways of Reclaiming

The Good Seed- Wild Rice and other ways of Reclaiming As Anishinaabe Ojibwe people,  we believe in utilizing our art as a way to bring together our value system with business, our communities, and our stories. What we see and carry on us influences what we think is important.  We all want to be that nike ad right?  Full of life, vitality, epicNess.   Our Good Seed Collection represents a driving force in artist Howes' life and in her work.  "I started going wild rice harvesting just about five years ago.  There is something so magical about being out on the lake with the Manoomin stalks curved over the boat.  Ricing reminds me alot of doing beadwork.  It's alot of work and we...

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HB Winter Comfort Collection

It's time for the ROLLOUT!   We are stooooked at Heart Berry to bring your a new Winter Comfort Collection.  We see you out there, trying your best.  We are on the zoom meeting, out hiking, helping our kids with their schoolwork, and making the best of this time.  We also love comfy, cozy, functional clothing.  We are bringing you a new head to toe collection this November for gifts and for you.  Our small Native owned business is working hard to get ready for the holidays 2020.  Life may be different now, but as Native artists we keep pushing on into the future.  Our first piece is the HB Work Shirt! Perfect for the zoom to the home work out.  This rich burgundy warms the...

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