Sovereignty and Native Excellence

Here at Heart Berry, this small business on the Rez, we are committed to Sovereignty.  Sovereignty of our community, our culture, our economy, our bodies, and our futures.  We love to utilize our cultural art and our space here with you to build that sovereignty. 

With the power of your support and collaboration of the MN Wonderwall our give backs to the ICWA Law Center and Wakan Tipi donated over $16,000! Just imagine what is possible!

At a recent awards ceremony I was inspired to create a scholarship for Native students seeking education past high school.  We have so much power to create space that supports our young native scholars and build a future more independent, more sovereign, than we ever imagined.  We are going to utilize this inspiration to bring the Native Excellence Scholarship in 2025.  

We make beautiful art, wearable, utilitarian Ojibwe art for everyone. We also LOVE a statement T.  In this tradition, we are bringing you the SovereignT.  Five dollars from every SovereignT will go directly towards our Native Excellence Scholarship fund and to a Native Scholar! 

We want to thank our incredible community in how they support their students in achieving whatever goals they have for the future. We need this next generation of leaders. For more information about us or the scholarship email

Stay tuned and follow our newsletter for more future information about this exciting project and the application!

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