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NBC on Artists Decolonizing the Status Quo

Most "Native" Art is Fake or Stolen.   Indigenous Artists Are Fighting Back "A new generation of Indigenous Artists is decolonizing the status quo" New NBCLX Feature of Eighth Generation and Heart Berry's work to Fight Back “The pattern of these companies that exploit Indigenous communities is to partner with people who don’t have a voice,” Gong said. “Native artists are trying to reclaim the story and create something for future generations.”  "Heart Berry, which sells blankets, earrings, T-shirts and more has doubled year over year, making it one of the fastest-growing lifestyle brands in Minnesota. She says running her business is familiar territory as a Native American." Interested in supporting Native American art? O'Loughlin advised skipping auction houses altogether and...

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Duluth Children's Museum Mural

“The Great Rice Race”  Mural by Heart Berry’s Sarah Agaton Howes now at the Duluth Children's Museum  Our mural shares the fun and work of wild rice harvesting, canoeing, and the animals that share our ecosystem (our earth) with us. Going ricing is a fun time of community, sharing, full of stories and hard work.  “I love to hear the stories the old guys tell of their amazing rice harvests or the time they tipped their canoe, this mural depicts the fun and also the work of this beautiful way of life.”  In the Great Rice Race, Rabbit and Turtle playfully race while Bear, tired from a long day naps on the canoe.  Fish and Otter watch the excitement while...

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Building local economies ~Duluth Screen Printing~

As a small Native owned business we understand the importance of building our local economies.   We work hard to build collaborations with local companies and businesses.  Our work is coming from the Rez to you! We want to share a fun new collaboration between ourselves and a local embroidery at Duluth Screen Printing.    We know our community loves to see the stories but also where their dollar goes.  We know we are all thinking about these questions.    Our new HB Move collection is based on creating beautiful functional pieces to get Moving in.  The second piece in this is our new Strapback hat--    

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