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HGTV Feature! One strawberry at a time

HGTV!! We are thrilled to share withyou this HGTV Feature about Heart Berry!! How Heart Berry Is Reclaiming Indigenous Design, One Strawberry at a Time Indigenous artist Giizh (Sarah) Agaton Howes celebrates Ojibwe plants, Native patterns and how the two are always connected. Meet the maker and learn more about these beautiful, bold florals in Native design. June 27, 2024 \ By: Deanne Revel Show: HGTV Handmade She creates from the heart. Heart berry that is. Giizh Howes, an Anishinaabe-Ojibwe Native American from Fond du Lac Reservation and Muscogee Creek, created Heart Berry in 2014 at her kitchen table. Today, her homewares and accessories are shoppable in her Cloquet, Minnesota, store and online, as well as select pieces and collaborations with Snoqualmie-owned Eighth Generation in Seattle. From...

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