The Cradleboard

Sarah Howes

Posted on October 21 2020

Our new pin celebrates the next generation.  The cradleboard is the original baby carrier.  It comes from a time when our children were a part of daily life and the family moved, worked, and thrived together. In most families these are a prized piece of the family's art and handwork.  This design reminds us that we are are always carrying forward the next generation, the future, and truly the next seven.  Whether a gift for a family member, teacher, or local leaders, we All carry this future with us.

About this design:

Heart Berry Artist Agaton Howes "My fondest memories are of my babies in their cradleboards. The look on those old ladies’ faces when they pass them around, kissing their faces on their boards is absolutely marvelous. Our family's dikinaagan was made in the 1970's in Grand Portage and held us and our children. The moss bags were made by my mom. To give you some idea of how important these are, when our mom's house flooded in the river flood of 2013, her first words to me were 'I got the Dikinaagan!' "

Howes' daughter in their family's cradleboard

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