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Art of Transformation in Headwaters Foundation Calendar

Heart Berry's Howes "Bringing Back Mamahood" in new Headwaters Foundation for Justice Calendar "Transformation as an Anishinaabekwe is returning.  Every move has been made to remove us from our hearts, our lands, and our breath.  When we return to our ways, our language, and our ceremonies, and who we truly are we transform not into something new but into something ancient.  We become that which we grieved and raged and sobbed and longed for.  A memory. We are returning because our grandmother's kept themselves safe for us.  This is our work."   Howes draws on motherhood and her own work to reclaim her identity often in her art.  In the Ojibwe Floral Tradition, Howes was taught to use plants as...

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The Cradleboard

Our new pin celebrates the next generation.  The cradleboard is the original baby carrier.  It comes from a time when our children were a part of daily life and the family moved, worked, and thrived together. In most families these are a prized piece of the family's art and handwork.  This design reminds us that we are are always carrying forward the next generation, the future, and truly the next seven.  Whether a gift for a family member, teacher, or local leaders, we All carry this future with us. About this design: Heart Berry Artist Agaton Howes "My fondest memories are of my babies in their cradleboards. The look on those old ladies’ faces when they pass them...

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