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Protecting ICWA

Over the past two months, Heart Berry has teamed up with Biidaabin's Amelia Legarde, the ICWA Law Center to bring a Protect ICWA initiative to light.  At Heart Berry we are committed to using our platform to support Movement through art and action.  With your help, we raised $7,580.98 that was donated directly to the ICWA Law Center.  Also there were hundreds of shares of the Infographics, and hopefully a broader understanding of what ICWA is, what it is NOT, and how do we protect it.  We have re-opened a second pre sale through March 22 due to overwhelming emails, messages, and pleading haha.  Please share these infographics widely, sign the petition, and let's protect families, sovereignty, and the future....

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Most Diverse House in Minnesota!

Minnesota's House of Representatives are now the most diverse and truly representative they've ever been.  Our friend Alicia Kozlowski (Mexican/Ojibwe) is now the first non-binary and first Ojibwe to represent our homelands here along the Great Water.  We were able to witness the swearing in and blanket our good friend.  We danced the roundy with the Representatives and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan bringing good vibes and the power of our culture to the colonial spaces.  We are so proud!   "Blankets replaced the Hide.  Our stories are that when we give someone a blanket we are helping protect them through the winter.  I imagine the winters will be strong but not stronger than Alicia's heart.  Alicia is representing our homelands along...

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First Ojibwe Flag at Allianz Field

Heart Berry unfurled the first ever Ojibwe flag this sunday on Indigenous People's Eve with Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan and House Representative Jamie Becker-Finn.  This flag follows the fundraiser with our friends at the MN Dark Clouds for Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition last year where our supporters and community raised $9,430 for MIWSAC to create a Survivor's Fund from Crewneck Sales!  We loved this so much we took it further and made a flag to wave in the Wonderwall at Allianz Field, the home of the Minnesota United Loons, Minnesota's MLS team. We cheered on our team to a 2-0 win!

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