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UMD's powwow is looking to be legendary! This powwow was started back in the 1970's and is an amazing tradition at UMD. There was a brief haitus but the amazing AILRC student group has brought this powwow back powered by Head Dancers hosting their own specials!   Head Man special by Niigaaniiwaneb  Jingle Dress Special by Heart Berry and Head Women Giizh Agaton Howes We hope to see you there! Come spectate, intertribal, or jump into the specials! We will also be set up as a vendor! for more information email

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A love letter from Aunties

Boozhoo from Auntie's Table! It has meant the world to be able to share space with this beautiful room of accomplished and aspiring makers over the last 10 weeks. As a young person I longed for connection, teachers, mentorship, and the loving generosity of Aunties.  Many powerful and giving folks showed up.   moccasins by Wendy Savage Notably the late Winnie LaPrairie was the first person to teach me moccasin making.  Wendy and Karen Savage have spent years sharing what they know with so many in our communities.  They give freely of their time, love, and energy.  Working on the Nookomis Obagijigan book with the apprenticeship of Michelle Defoe we learned from many amazing makers like Biskakone and Christina Woods.  We...

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Embracing Native Culture: A Journey of Graduation, Pride, and Blankets

Embracing Native Culture: A Journey of Graduation, Pride, and Blankets Graduating from college is a milestone worth celebrating, but for many Indigenous students, it's more than just receiving a diploma; it's a culmination of resilience, identity, and cultural pride. As an Anishinaabeg, we understand the significance of honoring our history, especially in moments of achievement. We know how hard your Native students work, the barriers they jump over, and the sweetness of their victories. Education has always been central to Indigenous communities, as young people have always learned from elders and family members.  Excelling and knowledge carrying has always been central to our way of life. The boarding school era severed and created multiple generations of trauma around missing links to culture, family,...

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