Houseofhowes and Fond du Lac Reservation invest in a community cohort of moccasin makers "Makazinikewin"

Over the past three months Houseofhowes artist Sarah Agaton Howes and the Fond du Lac Reservation has been in a Makazinikewin partnership to invest in their community.  In response to high demand and repeated requests, both the Public Health Department, and Community Centers have brought Houseofhowes in to teach Ojibwe Pucker Toe Moccasin Making or "Makazinikewin". 

 We want to be able to have a moccasin maker in each family.  This is an investment in our community today and tomorrow.  We are building in identity, pride, connection, and community through these Makazinikewin classes.  The look of amazement, pride, and joy these artists have is the greatest reward.  There is ever increasing demand for our traditional teachings here in Fond du Lac and across Anishinaabe country.  Our people want these skills, they want to be able to make their babies and their ones who have passed on the ultimate gift. 

These classes are another step teacher Agaton Howes has been hoping for since creating her series of online YouTube Makazinikewin tutorials. Participants leave the class with all the skills and practice needed to complete and pass on their Ojibwe Pucker Toe Moccasins.  We are building a community of moccasin makers.  

Student turned expert Moccasin Maker Vicki Reynolds said "I have always wanted to learn how to make moccasins. I was so happy when i had heard that Sarah Agaton howes was going to be teaching classes on how to. I feel learning from someone who is so talented and passionate about making moccasins as she is makes learning fun and easy. I would like to continue making moccasins for my children n grand children. I fell in love with making them its exciting to see the end result. I will continue to hold this teaching in my heart."

The weekly classes will continue throughout the summer at the Fond du Lac Reservation Community Centers and the Fond du Lac Language Camp.

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