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UMD's powwow is looking to be legendary! This powwow was started back in the 1970's and is an amazing tradition at UMD. There was a brief haitus but the amazing AILRC student group has brought this powwow back powered by Head Dancers hosting their own specials!   Head Man special by Niigaaniiwaneb  Jingle Dress Special by Heart Berry and Head Women Giizh Agaton Howes We hope to see you there! Come spectate, intertribal, or jump into the specials! We will also be set up as a vendor! for more information email

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Houseofhowes creates series of online tutorials for Jingle Dress Making

In response to the high demand for information on how to make JIngle Dresses, Houseofhowes is making a series of online tutorials available here on the website or through YouTube.  This first set is How to String Jingles. Step 1:  What you need to string jingles Step 2:  Step 3: Step 4:

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Houseofhowes and Fond du Lac Reservation invest in a community cohort of moccasin makers "Makazinikewin"

Over the past three months Houseofhowes artist Sarah Agaton Howes and the Fond du Lac Reservation has been in a Makazinikewin partnership to invest in their community.  In response to high demand and repeated requests, both the Public Health Department, and Community Centers have brought Houseofhowes in to teach Ojibwe Pucker Toe Moccasin Making or "Makazinikewin".   We want to be able to have a moccasin maker in each family.  This is an investment in our community today and tomorrow.  We are building in identity, pride, connection, and community through these Makazinikewin classes.  The look of amazement, pride, and joy these artists have is the greatest reward.  There is ever increasing demand for our traditional teachings here in Fond du Lac and across...

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