NBC on Artists Decolonizing the Status Quo

Most "Native" Art is Fake or Stolen.  
Indigenous Artists Are Fighting Back

"A new generation of Indigenous Artists is decolonizing the status quo"

“The pattern of these companies that exploit Indigenous communities is to partner with people who don’t have a voice,” Gong said. “Native artists are trying to reclaim the story and create something for future generations.” 
"Heart Berry, which sells blankets, earrings, T-shirts and more has doubled year over year, making it one of the fastest-growing lifestyle brands in Minnesota. She says running her business is familiar territory as a Native American."
Interested in supporting Native American art? O'Loughlin advised skipping auction houses altogether and instead buying from current Indigenous artists. That way, you know you're not accidentally purchasing a sacred object illegally, and your dollars are going to artwork that's Native-made, not Native-inspired.
Thank you for supporting Inspired Natives, NOT Native Inspired!


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