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Canoe life

The canoe is the oldest form of transportation in our homelands here in the great lakes.  We have traversed the continent in our "Jiimaan"  and canoes remain a vital and enjoyable part of our good life.   "My family uses our canoe for ricing and just cruising around.  Every fall we hit the rice lakes for our beloved Manoomin.  What I love about doing design is being able to make small touches of Ojibwe style for every day." Whether a neck tie, a bag, or a lapel, the canoe pin is the perfect accessory on accessory.  

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Duluth Children's Museum Mural

“The Great Rice Race”  Mural by Heart Berry’s Sarah Agaton Howes now at the Duluth Children's Museum  Our mural shares the fun and work of wild rice harvesting, canoeing, and the animals that share our ecosystem (our earth) with us. Going ricing is a fun time of community, sharing, full of stories and hard work.  “I love to hear the stories the old guys tell of their amazing rice harvests or the time they tipped their canoe, this mural depicts the fun and also the work of this beautiful way of life.”  In the Great Rice Race, Rabbit and Turtle playfully race while Bear, tired from a long day naps on the canoe.  Fish and Otter watch the excitement while...

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The Good Seed-Wild Rice, and other ways of Reclaiming

The Good Seed- Wild Rice and other ways of Reclaiming As Anishinaabe Ojibwe people,  we believe in utilizing our art as a way to bring together our value system with business, our communities, and our stories. What we see and carry on us influences what we think is important.  We all want to be that nike ad right?  Full of life, vitality, epicNess.   Our Good Seed Collection represents a driving force in artist Howes' life and in her work.  "I started going wild rice harvesting just about five years ago.  There is something so magical about being out on the lake with the Manoomin stalks curved over the boat.  Ricing reminds me alot of doing beadwork.  It's alot of work and we...

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