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Chief Seattle Club keeps community warm with Wool Blankets

Through Eighth Generation and the Chief Seattle Club community members will receive support and warmth as they transition into permanent housing.  Heart Berry's blankets now grace the beds of our relatives on their way to a better life. Watch the full story from about this powerful collaboration and the ongoing efforts by tribal businesses, organizations, and artists to live our values through our work.        

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Native American Community Clinic Covid Vaccine Poster!

Heart Berry Artist Howes was asked, along with Dakota artist Marlena Myles, to create an image depicting how we protect the future.  The posters, and promotional materials created by the Native American Community Clinic in Minneapolis will promote the Covid-19 Vaccine for tribal communities.   "To be good relatives to our communities means taking care of ourselves on mental, physical and spiritual levels so that we can honor our elders' teachings and pass those down to the youth. We all are responsible for protecting our future generations by nurturing our youth and cherishing our elders through our own actions. This kind of compassion for others and ourselves is the blooming flower of life in each of us." Marlena Myles "I have...

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