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Cobell Berry Lemonade

I started Heart Berry with my Cobell check. In 2014, $800 was a tank of propane for the winter. But I wanted Elouise's work, her struggle, and the fights over land to mean something for my family.  We can make lemonade and we can make Cobell Berry Lemonade.  Elouise Cobell spent her life fighting over stolen land, land rights, and the agreements made by the federal government with tribes and their broken trusts.  After a lifetime of lawsuits, former land holders were paid out in waves, mine coming in 2014. I took that $800 and rolled it back into Heart Berry once, twice, and at this point 1000 times in a thousand ways.  I never borrowed money or went into...

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Heart Berry To the Max-Give!

This Thursday is Give to the Max Day!  We are proudly continuing our efforts to support powerful and creative work in our community.  This past October we collaborated with the MN Dark Clouds Soccer Fan Club to raise over $8,000 for Minnesota Indian Women's Sexual Assault Coalition!   For Give to the Max Day we are donating to Rosy Simas Danse-  a powerful and visionary Native Dance and Educational Organization in the Twin Cities.     Rosy's work shares spans from works of storytelling through modern dance with community workshops to teach liberation through movement.  If you've never been to one of their events you will leave changed.   Additional Powerful and Beautiful Organization we love and would suggest:   Minnesota Indian Women's...

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Innovative collaboration raises funds and visibility for the Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition “More than fans, we are a community. United by our love of the game and our home. We are United.” Coordinated by House Representative Jamie Becker Finn, the MN United Dark Clouds Soccer Club has collaborated with Heart Berry, a small Ojibwe owned business to bring a fundraiser this Indigenous People’s Day.   We all want to know ‘What can I do?’  This Indigenous People’s Day an innovative and unique collaboration brings together love for the game of soccer with love for the community. “This is a rare win-win-win for Minnesotans, Native women, the Minnesota Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition, allies, and Heart Berry” says Howes, CEO...

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