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Native Presence Mural Collaboration

Heart Berry is so excited to announce we have been awarded the Native Presence Mural for the new Springboard Arts building Our project will launch in Dakota territory in St Paul!  We decided to bring a collaboration forward with the incredible ledger artist Holly Young and photographer Nedahness Greene.  Artists Howes and Young will collaborate on a piece bringing the story forward about the relationship between Dakota and Ojibwe people. Greene will create a series highlighting the tribal communities in Minnesota. Stay tuned for updates and photos!     Read more at:

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Why Native Art from Native Artists?

Why is Native Art from Native Artists Important?  Now there is an alternative to buying "native inspired" art like Pendleton and similar brands.  As the first Native company to bring you wool blankets, our partnership with Eighth Generation has changed the conversation around why is Native Art Important and Why should Native artists be a part of business by creating the Inspired Natives Project which has lifted Heart Berry and other artists such as John Pepion up into bringing our own businesses  and art to the market. From our first blanket the Wool Renewal  To the Woodland Throws Made in the US Read the Dwell article "The Pendleton Problem" at,you%20could%20give%20or%20receive.    

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