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We are on Native Land

Working from the Heart, Binding together Ojibwe Art with Community Organizing, a new pathway for Entrepeneurship Reporting to you live from Native land today.  As a small Native owned business, Heart Berry is also one of the fastest growing in the Midwest. But as a Native artist and CEO, I want to grow down and out, not only up.  Alongside our collaborative partner Eighth Generation we have been able to build our reach and grow from pencil drawing and custom regalia to teaching, creating art installations, and donating thousands of dollars a year to local organizations.  As Native people we often get told we are in two worlds.  As an Anishinaabekwe I reject this idea.  It pulls me in two...

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St Cloud State University Art Installation

The narrative about Dakota and Ojibwe relations has always been told as singlularly one of conflict.  When St Cloud State proposed an art installation in their new American Indian Center, Heart Berry's artist Howes knew right away what she hoped for. "This area is so important as this place between our nations as Dakota and Ojibwe people. I really wanted to work with a Dakota artist on this project. Holly Young and I both loved the idea of sharing the story of the gift of the big drum from the Dakota.  The Big drum to me is such an Incredible gift of grace."  This pencil to digital collaboration pulls together the old stories with a modern installatin by Turtle Mountain sign...

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Building local economies ~Duluth Screen Printing~

As a small Native owned business we understand the importance of building our local economies.   We work hard to build collaborations with local companies and businesses.  Our work is coming from the Rez to you! We want to share a fun new collaboration between ourselves and a local embroidery at Duluth Screen Printing.    We know our community loves to see the stories but also where their dollar goes.  We know we are all thinking about these questions.    Our new HB Move collection is based on creating beautiful functional pieces to get Moving in.  The second piece in this is our new Strapback hat--    

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