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St Cloud State University Art Installation

The narrative about Dakota and Ojibwe relations has always been told as singlularly one of conflict.  When St Cloud State proposed an art installation in their new American Indian Center, Heart Berry's artist Howes knew right away what she hoped for. "This area is so important as this place between our nations as Dakota and Ojibwe people. I really wanted to work with a Dakota artist on this project. Holly Young and I both loved the idea of sharing the story of the gift of the big drum from the Dakota.  The Big drum to me is such an Incredible gift of grace."  This pencil to digital collaboration pulls together the old stories with a modern installatin by Turtle Mountain sign...

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Springboard Public Art Installation!

New Public Art by all Native Team!   Heart Berry is so excited to finally reveal the new installation by Heart Berry's Howes, Holly Young (Dakota), and Nedahness Greene (Ojibwe).  The team won the Native Presence Commission and has finally realized this vision to brighten University Avenue in St Paul.   More than just a land acknowledgment: Springboard for the Arts is committed to acting on their values and thus prioritized a Native Presence Installation for the predominant place on their building.  Installed across 25 windows surrounding the building, our team brings together ledger, beadwork, and photography in this stunning, large scale collaboration.    Dakota territory: Our team knew we needed to collaborate with a Dakota artist, and are thrilled ledger...

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PBS Making it stories Heart Berry

PBS' "Making It" interviewed Heart Berry team about how the origin of our art, how we have adapted in this pandemic, and the joys of cultural art.  We are deeply moved by this in depth and well rounded story.  Truly thankful. Wild Story about this day:  While they were interviewing us, the Duluth Pack/Ivanka Trump scandal was breaking.  We were actually talking with mentors, responding to concerned community members, talking to Other press outlets, and planning our break with Duluth Pack DURING THIS INTERVIEW!! and that's another day at Heart Berry.

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