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I said what I meant and meant what I said, when the New York Times calls, I am 100 percent dead. But really though.  As the flag saga comes to a feverish climax, the NYT wanted to know my thoughts about the final flag. If I'm honest, I am glad it's over.  But my agenda from the start was BECAUSE these images are powerful I wanted to be involved in transforming the visual narrative of our state.   As a Native person, my thoughts on these images are controversial on a layer of the existing controversy. The flag story was one of the most talked about in 2023 according to MPR.  Being wrapped up in it was the wildest ride...

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Minnesota Flag Finalist!

MN Announces the six finalists for the flag and our designer Howes' art is one of the finalists up for public comment now! Drawn from an Ojibwe loom design, Howes created the Northern star and beloved woods or our homelands.  To truly represent Minnesota, Howes added 11 yellow stripes for the tribal nations and white stripes for the 87 counties of our state.   "Flags are a powerful statement claiming space.  The current flag is harmful in the story it tells about us disappearing in the way of progress.  Tribal people are not only never disappearing, but we are an original and vibrant center of this state.  I want our flag to represent everyone.  My hope is this new flag truly...

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