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I said what I meant and meant what I said, when the New York Times calls, I am 100 percent dead. But really though.  As the flag saga comes to a feverish climax, the NYT wanted to know my thoughts about the final flag. If I'm honest, I am glad it's over.  But my agenda from the start was BECAUSE these images are powerful I wanted to be involved in transforming the visual narrative of our state.   As a Native person, my thoughts on these images are controversial on a layer of the existing controversy. The flag story was one of the most talked about in 2023 according to MPR.  Being wrapped up in it was the wildest ride...

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Canvas Rebel Feature

"At Heart Berry we grew from the kitchen table to the trailer to our current HQ! This year we will be hosting our holiday market and classes in house. For me the pride and joy is translating our traditional art onto contemporary formats. Whether its wool blankets or art installations, I love this place where the world converges" Eighth Generation Nedahness Greene MN United MN Dark Clouds Heart Berry Canvas Rebel

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